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Here's the scoop...

The 'secret' is out about 'Alias' co-stars

A spokesperson for Garner, 31, tells Us that Vartan and Garner "were friends, and they recently started dating." Sources tell the mag that they've been dating since the ABC show resumed taping two weeks ago, usually spend the night together and that Vartan, 34, has been in love with his co-star for years.

But rumors have been swirling about Garner and the French actor since the breakup of her marriage.

Love also had been growing between their Alias characters, but that's on hold now that Garner's character has mysteriously lost two years out of her life. During that time, Vartan's character got married.

Garner and Foley, 31, married in October 2000; they met when she did three 1998 guest spots on his show, Felicity.



Jennifer Garner's New Men.

You be the Judge!






Hopefully not about to start wrangling over money are Daredevil star Jennifer Garner and soon-not-be-hubby Scott Foley. The Alias and Felicity actors have just announced that theyll be getting divorced, only six weeks after separating and less than three years after marrying. All this comes amidst rampant speculation that theres something going on between Garner and her Alias co-star Michael Vartan, but these two certainly arent confirming the rumours at this stage.

* Michael Vartan We don't know for sure if Jennifer Garner dumped her cute husband, Scott Foley for her French-born Alias co-star. But we have dumped our husbands, just in case he's still available.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!